General Terms and Conditions La Saint Webshop

Definitions and applicability
In these terms and conditions, the terms below have the meaning indicated:

  1. Order: an order for a Product by a Customer;
    Keizersgracht 391A, 1016 EJ Amsterdam
    +31 20 244 0 253
  3. Customer: a natural person who visits the Web Shop or places or wishes to place an Order, not acting in the scope of trading, commercial or professional activities;
  4. Agreement: the purchase agreement of a Product by the Customer via the Web Shop;
  5. Product/Products: the product(s) that LA SAINT offers for sale in the Web Shop;
  6. Web Shop: the web shop under the domain name

These terms and conditions apply to every use of the Web Shop, every offer of LA SAINT in the Web Shop, every purchase of Products via the Web Shop and all Agreements concluded and to be concluded between LA SAINT and the Customer and associated obligations.


  • Illustrations of the Products in the Web Shop are indicative. Colours on the Customer’s computer display may differ from the Product’s colours. Sizes specified in the Web Shop are also indicative.
  • All offers are without obligation; an Order only binds LA SAINT after LA SAINT has accepted the Order.
  • Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer of Products do not bind LA SAINT.


  • The Customer can pre-order the Product in advance or if the Product is out of stock. Payment will be taken upon placement of the order. The delivery terms of the pre-ordered Product shall be determined in consultation between Customer and LA SAINT. The Customer will receive a shipping notification once the order is shipped by LA SAINT. The items can be returned as long as they meet the requirements of our return policy as described below.

Use of the Web Shop

  • The Web Shop may only be used by Customers.
  • By using the Web Shop, the Customer agrees:
    1. only to use the Web Shop for legitimate purposes or Orders;
    2. not to use the Web Shop in the scope of trading, commercial or professional activities;
  • to keep his or her (login) data of the Web Shop confidential and not to provide these data to third parties;
    • not to place any false or fraudulent Orders;
    • to provide LA SAINT the correct (contact) information truthfully and exactly;
    • that these general terms and conditions apply.

The price

  • The price of the Products is the price specified in the Web Shop, unless an obvious error is involved.
  • In the event of obvious errors in prices, LA SAINT will inform the Customer who placed an order of this as soon as possible. The Customer will then have the possibility to confirm the Order at the corrected price or to cancel the Order. In the event that LA SAINT fails to contact the Customer, the amount paid by the Customer will be refunded.
  • The Customer is obliged to notify LA SAINT immediately regarding any errors in the payment details that LA SAINT has provided to the Costumer.
  • Product prices include any applicable VAT (please note that countries outside of the EU may incur additional charges), but do not include shipping costs. The shipping costs will be added to the total amount. The amount of the shipping costs is clearly specified during the order process.
  • Prices can be changed at any time. Except for what is stipulated in paragraph 2, this will not affect the Orders that LA SAINT has confirmed.

Establishment of the Agreement

  • An Order is placed by the Customer completing the order process in the Web Shop as follows:
    • The Costumer has selected the Product desired in the desired style and has address the Product to the shopping cart;
    • The Costumer has followed and completed the following steps:
      • The Costumer has filled in his/her address details and, if the delivery address is not the same as the invoice address, the delivery address desired.
      • The Costumer has checked the order.
      • The Costumer has selected the payment method desired and possibly has made a full advance payment.
  • The Order has been placed.
  • The Costumer will receive a confirmation of the Order that has been placed in an electronic manner (via the Website). If the Order has been accepted by LA SAINT, LA SAINT will send the Costumer a confirmation, by e-mail, as soon as possible after the Order has been placed.
  • Subject to what is stipulated in paragraph 3, an Agreement is established once LA SAINT has electronically confirmed the receipt of an Order and the Customer has satisfied the conditions stipulated with the Order.
  • In the event that LA SAINT has valid reasons for not entering into the Agreement, it is entitled to refuse an Order or to stipulate special conditions for fulfilment.


  • The Customer makes the payment in accordance with the payment methods offered in the order procedure and in accordance with the conditions stipulated.
  • The Customer must immediately notify LA SAINT of any inaccuracies in payment information that he or she has provided or specified.
  • In the event that the Customer fails to pay, any extrajudicial collection costs will be charged.


  • Subject to what is stipulated in Article 6, LA SAINT will offer the accepted Orders to the postal service as quickly as possible, but no later than within [bijvoorbeeld three] days after receipt of the payment, unless a different delivery term has been agreed upon. In the event that the delivery suffers delays or an Order cannot be fulfilled or can only be partially fulfilled, in which case the Customer will be entitled to dissolve the Agreement free of charge until the time at which the Order is shipped.
  • Following dissolution in accordance with the previous paragraph, LA SAINT will immediately repay the amount that the Customer paid.

Retention of title

  • The title to Products only passes to the Customer after the purchase amount has been paid in full.

Right of withdrawal

  • During a reflection period of fourteen days (hereinafter: the “Reflection Period”), the Customer can dissolve the Agreement without giving any reasons (hereinafter: the “Right of Withdrawal”) in the manner indicated by LA SAINT provided.
  • The Reflection Period commences on the day on which the Customer or a third party designated by the Customer received the Product. In the event that the Customer ordered several Products in the same Order, the Reflection Period commences on the day on which the Customer or the third party designated by the Customer received the last Product.
  • During the Reflection Period, the Customer will handle the Products, the packaging and the labels with care. The Customer will only unpack or use the Product to the extent required to determine the nature and characteristics of the Product. The starting point in this is that the Customer may only use and inspect the Product as is customary in a physical shop.
  • The Customer is liable for any decrease in value of the Product that results from any handling by the Customer in breach of the previous paragraph.
  • The Customer returns the Product (including all labels attached to the Product, branded boxes and dustbags) as quickly as possible, but in any event within the Reflection Period, to the following address: [INVULLEN], the Netherlands.
  • The Customer returns the Product together with all accessories delivered, in the original condition and packaging.
  • The Customer returns the Product as follows:
    • The Customer informs LA SAINT about the return via an e-mail send to ;
    • The Customer fills in and enclose the return form (including the order number), which is provided with the Product, with the Product(s) he or she returns;
    • The Customer attaches the pre-printed return address label which is provided with the Product, to the outside of the box containing the Product(s) that the Customer wishes to return.
  • LA SAINT will not accept return shipments if the Customer fails to satisfy the conditions stipulated in this article.
  • The risk and the burden of proof for the correct and timely exercise of the Right of Withdrawal fall on the Customer.
  • LA SAINT will process return shipments within five working days after receipt and will send the Customer a confirmation e-mail regarding this. If the Customer failed to provide all the information required based on this article, the processing by LA SAINT may take longer.
  • LA SAINT compensates the Customer for all payments, including any delivery costs that LA SAINT charged for the returned Product if the entire order of which the returned Product is part of is cancelled, immediately but within thirty days following the day on which the Customer reports the cancellation to LA SAINT. For the avoidance of doubt: the shipping cost to return the Product will be paid by the Customer.
  • For the repayment, LA SAINT uses the same account number that the Customer used for his or her payment, unless agreed otherwise. The repayment does not result in any costs for the Customer.
  • Products that the Customer purchased in the Web Shop can only be returned in the manner stipulated in these terms and conditions.
  • In the event that the Customer has chosen a more expensive delivery method to deliver the Products to the Client than the cheapest standard delivery, LA SAINT will not repay the additional costs of the more expensive method.


  • By providing his or her (personal) data, the Customer agrees that LA SAINT may use these data to contact the Customer and process the data as described in the privacy statement.


  • The Customer can submit complaints per e-mail to be sent to or via our form on the Contact page. LA SAINT will handle complaints within five working days.

Intellectual property rights

  • Any and all marks, product names, logos, models and designs (hereinafter referred to as the ‘IP Rights’) that are depicted on or affixed to the Products or otherwise related to the Products are the property of LA SAINT or one or more of its group companies. The Costumer acknowledges LA SAINTS proprietary rights in respect of the IP Rights and will refrain from using the IP Rights in any way, and the Costumer will refrain from any conduct that could harm or otherwise negatively affect the IP Rights.

Other provisions

  • In the event that one of these terms and conditions is null or voidable, this will not influence the other terms and conditions.
  • LA SAINT is entitled to review and amend these general terms and conditions at any time. The general terms and conditions are published here.

Applicable law

  • All Agreements and these terms and conditions are governed exclusively by Dutch law.