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About Us

We believe every woman deserves to thrive and follow her own wild dreams, whenever she wants.

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The Brand

La Saint: two words with a powerful symbolic meaning. The name embodies a truly international spirit, seamlessly blending Dutch design with Italian craftsmanship, captured under a French-English title. At La Saint, we believe every woman can be a modern day Saint herself through her accomplishments and the impact she has on those around her. For the La Saint woman, a beautifully crafted and functional bag is often a sacred item that conveys her taste, success and power.

The Founder

Ronieta recognized the need in herself and in her industry for an elegant yet practical bag suitable to take into any office setting. Coming from a Finance & Investments background, she set out on a journey to marry luxury with functionality while also focusing on social and environmental consciousness – ultimately launching La Saint. Drawing from both her business experience and her passion for design, Ronieta understands exactly what working women need when looking for artfully crafted yet convenient bags, made with respect towards both people and planet.

Design process

La Saint is a dynamic all-female team that understands their target audience from firsthand experience. To ensure exquisite, high quality bags, the design process begins with Ronieta’s visions sketched out.

She is involved in the entire process, from sketching the initial design to perfecting the closures and accessories. To ensure that our designs are production ready, we have a technical assistant on board who expertly translates these sketches into reality. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our design team as we work with skilled leatherworkers in Italy. Our partner brings decades of experience to the table, and their family-run atelier is a hub for multiple couture houses. We collaborate closely with our Italian counterparts to perfect the final steps of our bags. By doing so, we make sure our approach is sustainable and emphasizes craftsmanship to challenge the fast-paced fashion industry.


We take inspiration from versatile shapes, clear silhouettes and refined details. Sustainably sourced, supple leather that comes in different variations and effects empowers us in our work, just as architectural shapes and classic color tones.

Furthermore, we are inspired by smart, strong and bold women around us. That is why our foundational collection pays tribute to three remarkable trailblazers, Maxima, Aletta and Michelle – each of them forging a path towards female emancipation. From inspiring the first wave of feminism to challenging traditional gender roles within their own domains, these women have shown that anything is possible when you believe in yourself.