Take care of your bag, just like you take care of yourself

LA SAINT handbags are exclusively hand-crafted in Italy. Your handbag is made using beautiful leather or suede, which is tanned using traditional methods in order to maintain its natural beauty and soft feel. The leather skins we use have been treated to give them a smooth appearance and make them water-resistant.

Leather is a natural material which evolves over time. Colour changes or irregularities are natural features and should be considered an attribute. To preserve its beauty, your bag should be protected and maintained with care. Certain precautions for its cleaning and use are necessary.



Protect your LA SAINT bag from prolonged exposure to light, humidity and extreme heat.

Keep your bag away from sharp objects.

Take special care when handling the hardware and foil print logo. Avoid all contact with liquids, especially oily liquids like hand creams or lotions.

Please be aware that darker coloured leather can mark lighter coloured materials. Treat any lighter coloured bag with extra care as dark colours can transfer on your bag. Keep your bag away from any material with possibly unstable colours that may stain your bag. LA SAINT cannot take any responsibility for colour transfer.

Do not overload your bag or carry anything excessively heavy inside your bag.

Cleaning and storing your LA SAINT bag

For light cleaning we recommend wiping your LA SAINT handbag gently with a soft, dry cloth that doesn’t peel. If your bag gets wet, gently pat it dry and allow it to fully dry at room temperature. If you wish to deep clean your bag, you can leave it to a leather professional or use a professional leather cleaning agent. Be sure to test the product in an inconspicuous place before applying it to the whole bag.

When not in use, store your LA SAINT bag in the protective cotton dust bag in a cool, dark place to avoid fading and to keep it dust free. Fill your bag with acid-free tissues or a handbag insert to help retain its shape.