About Us

We believe every woman deserves to thrive and follow her own wild dreams, whenever she wants.

Our Story

Our creations are inspired by women, mastering their own lives, and transforming their dreams into reality. Ladies who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. They are brave, independent, and beautiful from the heart. Most importantly, they believe in themselves and are their very own Saint!


The idea for La Saint originates from a frustration that many women share: the lack of beautiful, spacious bags for all day, every day use. You’ve probably been there yourself; on your way to the office, towing an unsightly laptop bag, your gorgeous handbag, and maybe even yet another bag containing other necessities to get you through the day. We wanted to create one bag that does it all, while keeping you looking stylish as ever.
After years of designing, creating, testing, redesigning, we feel that we’ve accomplished what we set out to do: We create functional, stylish, and durable bags for the sophisticated female thriver with a metropolitan lifestyle. Clear in function, design and shape, our bags show a distinctive aesthetic: modern femininity meets functional luxury. Our work-life bags are made for you to travel seamlessly from dusk till dawn, while feeling classy and sassy all at once. In a good way, the bag may feel like your Saint too. We want you to smile a little wider and walk through life a little lighter. We want you to be the better, most powerful version of yourself!

Our Mission

“We went on a mission to create luxury handbags with no compromises. They had to be beautiful, functional, and durable, but also socially and environmentally conscious.”


… in Italy, with love and integrity

“The way we shop is changing. Sustainability, craftsmanship and exclusivity are our way of redefining luxury.”
Our bags are designed in The Netherlands, then handcrafted by skilled artisans in our atelier in Tuscany, Italy. This atelier is not only renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship, but also for its fair working conditions and safe working environment.
All the materials used for crafting our bags are locally sourced, from the beautiful, high quality leather to the buttery soft lining and our gorgeous, custom made hardware. This way, we support the local economy while also keeping any negative impact on the environment to a minimum.
We believe in minimising waste and craft our handbags accordingly. Every bag is designed to withstand the woes of the fashion world. By producing in limited quantities and offering the option to pre-order, we never have excess stock. To ensure exclusivity, all bags are numbered, and all model configurations are limited runs.

… to last a lifetime

“For us, the real luxury of a bag lies in the pleasure and comfort of wearing it a lifetime. A bag that will last; one you’ll carry along forever.”
Our bags are meant to last. That’s why we work exclusively with the highest-quality sustainable leathers, fabrics, and hardware. Hand-picked materials, smart silhouettes, and care for durability enable each bag to get even more gorgeous with time.
Crafting a bag by hand is an incredibly lengthy and intricate process: it takes over 100 steps to get from a piece of leather to the finished result, making it a true piece of art. Each part of the bag is individually cut, stitched, and painted. This way, there is constant overview of the process, so that we can ensure that the quality of each and every bag is impeccable.
We designed our bags to be your all day, every day go-to bag. A La Saint handbag will withstand any occasion, changes in personal style, or fashion trends, making it – dare we say it? – your Saint for life.

… to give back and empower

“Empowering women all over the world, one handbag at a time.”

Luxury, to us, not only means crafting the perfect product. It also means to give back, empower, share, and inspire. We want our handbags to empower you but also your fellow ladies. So as part of our mission to empower women and girls around the world, we donate a portion of our proceeds to women-centered charities.

With each La Saint handbag you purchase, you are supporting the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, or UN Women for short. Our partnership with this organization ensures that your bag is no guilty pleasure, but a fistful of power in women’s empowerment around the world. Find out more about the project you’re supporting here.